Yoanna Wissa Wassef

Yoanna Wissa Wassef, born in 1952, the same year the Harrania project was starting. She studied in the 'Lycée Français' in Cairo then took a degree in French Literature from Cairo University in 1974.

Spending her vacations in Harrania helped her learn Batik and weaving and in 1974, after Ramses’ sudden death, she joined the Center where she took over the batik group. In 1976 she decided to revive cotton weaving, which her father had started and stopped years before.

In 1977 she married Wasfi Doss, hotel owner and business man. She has three children, Wanil Doss born 1977, Taya Doss born 1979 and Wafik Doss born 1991. Even though Wanil joined his father's business, her daughter, Taya, is hoping to continue with Yoanna and to start her own line of batik hand-made toys and clothes and has already made relations with the weavers' children by helping them with their studies.