Suzanne Wissa Wassef

Suzanne, the elder daughter of Ramses and Sophie, born in 1950 and attended the Lycee Fran├žais school in Cairo till the age of 18. She attended the institute of social studies for 3 years. Most of her childhood holidays were spent at the Art Center observing how the freedom given to young weavers by Ramses, resulted in building their self confidence that slowly allowed their creative power to come into action.

From 1969, she worked closely with her father and decided to form her own group of weavers in 1972 with children whom had not been exposed to weaving.

Married in 1973 to Ikram Nosshi, an architect whom shared with Suzanne the development of the 2nd generation weavers and the expansion of the art Center compound.

A mother of 3 children, Ramses Nosshi an architect, Marian Nosshi, a designer and home decorator and Maged Nosshi an environmental agriculture.

Suzanne is also a stoneware ceramic designer, a passion she inherited from her father. The hand made Pottery is fired once in a diesel kiln at temperature above 1250 C., using clays form Aswan and Sinai with Lead-Free glazes.

She is an expert in natural vegetable dyes for wool.